PHS Athletics

The mission of Providence High School athletics is to provide the student athlete with the opportunity to develop athletic talents and achieve the highest possible level of competitiveness. Athletes grow within a setting that allows for character development and fosters a positive student athlete image.


1.  All students wishing to play a sport are required to submit their physicals to the administration before the official announcement of team rosters.
2. There will be a team meeting on Wednesday, August 11 at 1:30 pm for all students interested in playing a fall sport (flag football and volleyball)
3. Tryouts for Flag football and Girl’s Volleyball will begin on Monday, August 9th, and run until Thursday, August 12th.

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Practice & game schedules

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Code of conduct

Players and spectators are expected to maintain high standards of sportsmanship and behavior at all times. Behavior not meeting expectations, leading to ejection, may impact team’s contest.

Players and spectators that are ejected by a referee or school administrator in a Canyon Athletics Association (CAA) event will be held accountable per the discretion of PHS Administration and/or CAA Board of Directors.

  • Accept and abide by the decisions of the game officials.
  • Be a good host to opponents and treat them as guests.
  • Cheers are to be positive. No disrespectful or derogatory yells or chants shall be used.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Encourage players to play hard and fair.
  • Follow the rules of the contest at all times.
  • Give yourself to the cause of good sportsmanship.
  • Hold meetings with players and parents to encourage them to display proper conduct.
  • Intervene when inappropriate language or behavior is observed.
  • Judgment calls from officials are not reasons for inappropriate behavior.
  • Know and understand the rules of the league and the sport.
  • Lose with dignity and without excuses! Win with character and without boasting.
  • Maintain enthusiasm, composure, and a positive attitude.
  • Negativity divides, but sportsmanship bonds friends, families, and opposing athletes.
  • Opposing coaches, players and fans must be respected at all times.
  • Play fair and by the rules and regulations as outlined by the league.
  • Questioning an official’s call or making negative comments about an official is not acceptable behavior.
  • Recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play by your teammates.
  • Spectators can make a difference. Be Positive! Show respect to opponents and officials.
  • Treat the contest as a GAME, not a war.
  • Understand the student-athletes you are watching will make mistakes and should not be ridiculed at any time because of their efforts.
  • Victory with honor!
  • Win with character and without boasting and lose with dignity and without excuses.
  • X-factor sportsmanship will help your team succeed.
  • Yelling, booing, or heckling an official’s call is unacceptable.
  • Zero tolerance regarding profanity/inappropriate language or behavior.
  • Abide by PHS Athletic Code of Conduct
  • Adhere to student grade requirements
    • “C” or better in all classes allows 100% participation
    • “D” in one class – Students must attend all required tutoring classes and submit an acceptable weekly progress report signed by a teacher to be eligible to play. It is the teacher’s discretion to sign off for the week
    • “F” or 2 “D”s – no participation until grades meet minimum standards. Grade checks will occur weekly throughout the season to assess student’s eligibility
  • Submit a copy of a Birth Certificate – note that athlete shall not reach the age of 19 before September 1st of senior year
  • Signed form showing passed a physical examination for sports
  • Proof of insurance
  • Medical History Form completed by a parent or legal guardian
  • Completion of online Barrow Brainbook Concussion testing and in-person Baseline ImPACT Testing – note that this is facilitated by coaches
  • Completed registration and transportation forms
  • Participation in team fundraising events

If a student is absent from school, including due to illness, leaves school due to illness, or is illegally absent from school, the student cannot participate in a practice or game that day. Students who are legally excused from school for reasons other than illness may be allowed to participate. The administration reserves the right to investigate the validity of any excuses including written verification from doctors, clinics, probation officers, or colleges.

Fee: PHS Athletics has a $35 registration fee. Any student-athlete who plays multiple sports will pay an additional $20 per sport.

Registration: If your child plans to play sports at Providence High School, make sure to fill out the athletic form. If you are having any difficulties filling out the paperwork, contact us at 480-284-5999 or email us at info@providencehighschool.org, and we’ll help you.